1/48 Kawasaki Ki-100 II - Akeno Flight Training Division

Item Name 1/48 Ki-100 II - Akeno Flight Training Division
Price $4.95
Description The Kawasaki Ki-100 was a fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. The Japanese Army designation was "Type 5 Fighter". No new Allied code name was assigned to this type; 275 Ki-100 airframes were built as Ki-61's before being modified to accept a radial engine in place of the original inline engine.

The emergency measure of adapting a Ki-61-II-KAI fighter to carry a Mitsubishi radial engine resulted in one of the best interceptors used by the Army during the entire war. It combined excellent power and maneuverability and, although its high-altitude performance against the USAAF Boeing B-29 Superfortress heavy bombers was limited by the lack of an efficient supercharger, it performed better than most other IJAAF fighters.

Operational missions began in March 1945. From the first engagements, the Ki-100 performed well against the B-29 and showed itself to be equally effective against U.S. Navy carrier fighters. A new variant, the Ki-100-Ib, was produced during the last weeks of the war in time to equip five sentai for home defense duties.

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This paper model of the Ki-100 builds the aircraft assigned to Akeno Flight Training Division of the 111th Air Regiment.

Paper Model Details: 91 parts on 3 pages including opaque canopy, rolled landing gear, joins strips, internal formers, stacked wheels, and alternative nose parts for simple build version of the nose.

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