1/72 &1/100 IAR-80 Slt Av Gheorghe Gulan

Item Name 1/72 &1/100 IAR-80 Slt Av Gheorghe Gulan
Price $0.99
Description The IAR 80 was a Romanian World War II low-wing, monoplane, all-metal monocoque fighter and ground-attack aircraft. When it first flew, in 1939, it was comparable to contemporary designs such as the German Messerschmitt Bf 109B, the British Hawker Hurricane Mk.I, and the American Curtiss P-40B/Tomahawk Mk.I and superior to the Dutch Fokker D.XXI and Polish PZL P.24. However, production problems and lack of available armament delayed entry of the IAR 80 into service until 1941. It remained in front-line use until 1944.

Model is re-color by Richard Schulten, he did a great job on this model

There is a support version available what is an unlock version and bundle with model in 1/72 scale inside. Support my work to make me continue release model in future.
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