1/72 & 1/100 Dornier Do-335 A-0

Item Name 1/72 & 1/100 Dornier Do-335 A-0
Price $2.99
Description The Dornier Do 335 Pfeil ("Arrow") was a World War II heavy fighter built by the Dorniercompany. The two-seater trainer version was also called Ameisenbär ("anteater"). The Pfeil '​s performance was much better than other twin-engine designs due to its unique "push-pull" layout and the much lower drag of the in-line alignment of the two engines. The Luftwaffe was desperate to get the design into operational use, but delays in engine deliveries meant only a handful were delivered before the war ended.

There is a support version available what is an unlock version and bundle with model in 1/72 scale inside. Support my work to make me continue release model in future.
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